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Website Audit: A Necessity!

Digital marketing strategy

After creating a great site, the hardest part remains to be done.

Optimize and maintain it to have great results!

The subject of the audit can also be mentioned on a redesign, or simply to see where your website is. The SEO of a site web is not an easy task.

Website Audit: The Right Idea To Shine On The Web

In the tumultuous waters of the internet, visibility is the number one stake to emerge, surface, and stay afloat → in short, to succeed on the web.

On the net, if you are visible, you have already come most of the way, you have already almost won.

Doing an audit of your site will allow you to sift through all aspects of your pages, playing a decisive role in this visibility.

This analysis will allow you to identify what is wrong, but also what is going well, to reinforce it. And secondly, to develop an infallible strategy to improve your efficiency on the internet.

But, even if attracting Internet users to your site is arguably the most significant challenge on the web, that in itself is not enough.

It’s all well and good to gather the crowd, but the show still has to be worth it!

You also need to know how to convince and guide these visitors as soon as they place their mouse cursor on your pages.

That’s good because launching the audit of your website will also allow you to improve it in all its aspects, while also optimizing its marketing performance.

Performing A Website Audit: How Does It Work?

A complete website audit is based around 3 logical and chronological axes:

  • SEO to attract visitors to your site
  • UX (user experience), to guide / retain them
  • The marketing to convince (convert)

SEO Audit: The Basis For Building Solid Visibility

As we said a moment ago, during the SEO audit of a site, it will be examined from every angle. We will take all of his “measurements”: we will measure his performance, in particular using several SEO analysis tools.

The following points should be observed with a magnifying glass (and even under a microscope!):

  • The technical aspect of your site: we will check that the pages and their content are all secure, that their display is ideally suited to screens and mobile browsing. But the performance in terms of charging speed will also be measured.
  • The quality of the writing of your web pages: using keywords related to your industry is imperative: they will be defined and strategically positioned. The pages will be optimized for search engines: the site’s architecture will be reworked, and the meta-descriptions improved.
  • The navigation of your website will be improved with the help, in particular, of a revision of the internal mesh, of an improvement of the UX (user experience) on the pages.
  • Your digital notoriety will be consolidated, via a good backlinks strategy and an optimized presence on social media.

Ergonomic Audit Of A Site: Essential To Retain And Guide Visitors

In terms of design, we will check that your site has a good user experience (UX, “user experience”). The latter must be welcoming and accessible, for the Internet user who lands on your pages.

Welcoming, how?

by adapting perfectly to all screens, including mobile

by presenting a pleasant and modern visual aspect (not cheesy, not garish, not messy… 😉 In short, you understand! )

by displaying hierarchical, structured, ventilated pages (not a heap of indistinct information 😉

Accessible, how?

With relevant and intuitive navigation with accessible and visible buttons, links and menus (not a labyrinth 😉

With a well-defined page structure (not a cubist painting, without tail or head 😉

Marketing Analysis Of Your Website: The Secret To Online Success

Finally, for conversion and lead generation, you will have to look at the commercial aspect of your site, and in particular, the purchase funnel.

The shopping tunnel is this  circuit in which you lock your visitor, gently encourage them to buy on your site:

  • Is it well suited to your target audience?
  • Where do Internet users leave the purchasing process?
  • Have all the conversion paths been considered, studied, and optimized?

It will also be necessary to check and improve the content ( content, form, frequency of publication, etc.), and the conversion tools (links, buttons, forms, pop-ups, etc.), in particular through the implementation of comparative tests (A / B tests).

Launch A Website Audit: Strategic Recommendations

Following this in-depth analysis, you will need to put in place strategies adapted to your problems. It is not necessarily apparent if you are not used to it.

If you have entrusted the audit of your site to web pros, the team of experts will draw up and send you a written report, detailing the conclusions of their observations.

And above all, they will suggest that you put in place a certain number of specific and concrete measures.

General Audit Of Your Website

When auditing your web pages, your site’s performance indicators will be thoroughly reviewed, using various analytical methods.

There are free online tools, which will allow you to have a first glimpse of the state of your site, but a definitive study requires access to paid services or the pro version of these tools.

Free Tools For A Website Audit

  • Google Analytics: is a must. It is a dashboard presenting essential statistics, to have a good idea of ​​the state of health of your site. You have such access:

– your bounce rate (which should ideally be between 40 and 60% in the case of a showcase site )

– The duration of presence on your web pages (which, optimally, should at least exceed the minute)

click rates (performance of your conversion tools)

  • Google Search Console: this tool is the navigation bar of your SEO strategy. All data comes directly from Google.
  • • Woorank: you will have a brief overview of this servicethe different issues of your site, as well as summary advice for improvement concerning responsive design, referencing, ergonomics, or the promotion of your website.
  • is a tool that will help you manage your keywords: it will allow you to classify them according to their density, with their synonyms.
  • The mobile optimization test Google: Google service that evaluates the display performance of your site on mobile devices.
  • The Google Speed Insight: you can calculate the time to load pages for different types of devices.

Paid Online Tools For Your Web Audit

  • MOZ Pro: this online service is a reference, in terms of internet audit, in particular, to check the SEO of your pages, whether for keyword research, link strategy, or page structuring …
  • SEMRush Pro is undoubtedly the most used tool in the sector. It offers functions allowing you to study SEO, SEA, competitor strategy, your e-reputation, the quality of your content, etc.
  • Raven: is a competitor to SEMrush and Moz, with slightly more flexible prices, depending on your needs.

A Complete Audit Of Your Site: How To Do It?

As mentioned from the intro of this article, you can, if you have much time, seriously consider, by yourself, the question of analyzing and improving your site.

If your job is already hectic, or IT is not your thing, you can also delegate the complete audit of your site to professionals.

Do An Audit Yourself: Get An Overview Of The Situation

Do an audit yourself: get an overview of the situation

If you don’t have any SEO or marketing experience, venturing out on a complete and adequate audit of your site is quite perilous. So in this situation the right decision will be to hire best SEO Company in Pakistan.

Yet it can be a definite idea first measure your level of performance, and then consider, or not, launching a site audit conducted by professionals.

Professional Site Audit: The Guarantee Of Real Results

To boost the website’s search engine,the 4 elements mentioned above (technique, navigation, writing, notoriety) are first evaluated.

Then, a report is drawn up and commented on, with you, by the team of specialists.

During this interview, if things are done well (this is the case with us ), we provide you with all the SEO techniques and tools, allowing you to follow up on this audit, and to quickly verify and improve your site, by yourself, in the future.

An Action Plan for the execution of these necessary changes and achieve the goals you have set for yourself on the web.

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