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Advantages and Disadvantages: The Website Created by a Professional or Yourself

advantages of website created by a professional
advantages of website created by a professional

Turning a hobby into a job is the dream of many. You have a groundbreaking idea and are already in the process of visualizing the end product in your mind. Your own company is as good as in business. But in the Internet era, it isn’t enough anymore. Nowadays, your own website as a business card is required so that customers can find out more about the product and receive contact details. But how should you go about it? From a professional web designer or create it yourself using a website builder?

The Advantages of a website builder:

  • The costs remain low. Depending on what your own needs look like, there are no costs at all, as with our system from Webnode.
  • Even without IT and programming knowledge, a simple drag & drop system (dragging content to a location in the document) like creating a website with Webnode.
  • You grow with the site, like when you started your own company. In addition, the writing style remains your own, for example.
  • Everything is in one account: creation of the page, statistics, hosting, domain registration. You keep the overview.
  • The time required is limited. You don’t wait for third parties and you are your own boss. Ideas for the design of the project can be tested out by yourself.
  • With various website builders you can have your own personal template designed for the website if you do not like the templates provided by your own provider.

For the professional website developer you can contact with web development in Pakistan.

Let’s compare the Advantages of a professional web designer:

  • You get a professional and individual design tailored to your needs.
  • The time required is limited, as after a briefing and the clear definition of the design of the website, you largely take your hands out of the game.
  • The content of the page is structured and optimized according to the latest SEO rules (optimization of the page for search engines).
  • Depending on the agreement, so-called content maintenance is carried out by the web designer after the completion of the page. In other words, the page is professionally revised at regular intervals and or the design of all texts is completely taken over.
  • Appointments for the delivery/handover of the finished website.

However, both systems also have disadvantages which, unfortunately, can rarely be avoided.

Disadvantages of creating your own website:

  • The templates provided by the website construction kit systems can only be changed individually with knowledge of HTML coding. Otherwise, creativity is required as to how you can redesign the template with pictures and the arrangement. You can find an example here.
  • Knowledge about SEO and the optimal design of the page must be acquired during the process of creating the website.
  • Without spending a certain amount of time and regularly researching new trends and guidelines for the optimal website (things change very quickly), the page can quickly be viewed as orphaned and out of date, not just by search engines.

For the website from the professional web designer:

  • The costs are relatively high. If this has not been decided in advance, you will pay extra for each page layout, for example.
  • If you have a website created by a web designer, clear agreements must be made. Often it fails to find the right words to realize one’s ideas for the online presentation of one’s own company.
  • You have to trust the web designer that he will give you all access data and data about the page after creation. Maybe he is going on a world tour and suddenly you can no longer reach your side.
  • You cannot try things out yourself and get involved as you would with the organization and implementation of your own company.


 In the end, both methods have advantages and disadvantages, whereby the financial factor often plays a major role.

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