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What should you think about When Cleaning a Gym or Locker Room?

Do you run a gym? Know that hygiene plays an important role in your business development. To ensure your room’s cleanliness and changing rooms, here are the elements to take into consideration.


Many gym managers are abandoning their premises’ hygiene to focus on marketing and other aspects of their business, helping to attract more consumers. However, by doing so, they expose their members and their staff to significant risks of illness.

According to a study, sports clubs are real reservoirs of bacteria potentially dangerous for users’ health. Dumbbells would be significantly dirtier than a public toilet. In addition, treadmills have 74 times more bacteria than consumer taps, and ellipticals are 39 times more soiled than cafeteria trays.

According to the authors of the study, the germs present on sports halls’ equipment can cause relatively serious pathologies such as pneumonia. In some cases, they have a particularly high resistance to first-line antibiotics and therefore are extremely difficult to eliminate if infected.

In addition to the risks of illness, fitness equipment, or poorly maintained locker rooms could compromise the proper development of a gym. In fact, aware of the harmful impact of an unsanitary place on their health, athletes and fitness enthusiasts first examine the cleanliness of an establishment before subscribing.

Whether it is to avoid possible infections or quite simply to improve your notoriety, effectively attract consumers and retain your customers, it is therefore strongly recommended to guarantee the hygiene of your room and your changing rooms.


Floor coverings are the first items to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the hygiene of your gym. The products must be selected according to the materials they are made from, but also according to the types of stains to be removed: shoe marks, grease, etc.

On the other hand, the materials must be chosen according to the surface to be cleaned and the techniques used to eliminate dirt (cleaning with soapy water, conventional sweeping, etc.). Depending on your room’s needs, you can opt for a bibac with a flat broom, a scissor broom, a scrubber or a single-brush.

After the floors, focus on the equipment dedicated to fitness, cardio, and weight training. Disinfectants suitable for sports equipment and regular inspections are necessary to eliminate germs and ensure their proper functioning. Quarterly or bimonthly, you must uninstall the guy wire from your devices to remove dirt and dust.

Like coverings and materials, bins should be given special attention. They must be emptied daily to avoid the accumulation of waste and bacteria, but also bad odors that can put off your customers.


Once your room is perfectly clean, turn to the locker rooms. The floor, furniture, sanitary appliances, and ventilation grids are elements that should not be neglected to ensure the cleanliness of this area, which is particularly conducive to the proliferation of germs.

Floor cleaning must be carried out with suitable disinfectants and equipment that effectively eliminates all moisture traces.

Regarding the sanitary facilities, choose the cleaners according to the materials. The porcelain, stoneware, ceramic or acrylic elements of showers and toilets can be cleaned with an acid product, more or less aggressive. The other components, on the other hand, should be treated with a multi-purpose cleaner. This type of detergent is neither acidic nor alkaline and is ideal for fragile materials.

On the equipment side, get yourself, among other things, microfiber cloths, an abrasive sponge soft enough not to scratch your sanitary facilities, a spray bottle, and a special bathroom brush for cleaning the joints.

Like floors and washrooms, furniture can accumulate an exceptional amount of bacteria and contaminate your customers’ personal effects. To limit the risk of infection, dust, and clean the lockers with disinfectants. Then feel free to use a stepladder or ladder to remove any dust and dirt on the top of the furniture.

If the ventilation grilles are not generally in contact with the members of your gym, they must be perfectly clean to ensure the quality of the air in the locker rooms. Depending on the system used in your room, you may need to clean grilles and relatively long air outlets, filters, or ducts.


The cleaning of your sports hall and its changing rooms is essential for the well-being of your customers, your staff, and the good development of your activity. However, it can be extremely time consuming, and a single poorly executed task could take a toll on the reputation of your business, as well as the health of your members.

To ensure the cleanliness of your premises and to focus primarily on the quality of the services provided by your club and on the operations necessary to optimize your turnover, the ideal is to call on a cleaning company.

This type of service provider provides you with specialists who work in full compliance with hygiene rules and who have the necessary knowledge to choose the products and materials to use to guarantee your customers’ health safety.

Apart from the work quality, calling on a cleaning company means having access to services from professionals who respect schedules and ethical rules. You can contact to premier janitorial company for the professional cleaning services in Sumner.

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