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What is a Web Agency? History, Definition, and Services

What is a Web Agency? History, Definition, and Services
What is a Web Agency? History, Definition, and Services

What Is The Definition Of A Web Agency?

History and Developments

The web agency or have appeared in the 90s is Solicited primarily for the production of websites. They have rapidly expanded their field of expertise because of the proliferation of sites accessible to the public. Today, the latter offers services specific to the internet and going well beyond the scope of action of a traditional communication agency.

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Birth of Different Professions

Thus, the concept of web agency has given rise to a profusion of new professions such as that of a community manager, web designer, or even SEO, which testifies to the extreme complexity of giving a standardized web agency definition.

Main Services of a Web Agency

It is a firm specializing in the design, development, and management of websites. A web agency worthy of the name must have solid skills in graphic design. It must be able to offer the client a solution adapted to his web project and taking into account his activity and his particular expectations.

The management of the web project on which an agency engages can also consist of creating a site based on a template, on a website created from scratch, or on the redesign of a site that already exists. Here too, the service provider must be attentive to the customer and the desired goal.

Constantly Evolving Services

Web agencies are no longer limited, far from it, to simply creating websites. Their experience now allows them to offer much more advanced services such as support in the choice of the domain name, the ergonomic aspect of the site or application, the hosting of the site, or offering online communication strategies.

A web agency can thus provide also a wide range of web marketing services around the site such as the creation and management of the landing page, newsletters, referencing, etc … As such, referencing and SEO optimization of The client’s site on the various search engines like Google are essential to offer the site good visibility and a sufficiently large audience.

The Web Agency: A Major Player in Digital Strategy

The web agency is now particularly involved in the client’s communication strategy. The positioning of the site on search engines as the management of advertising campaigns allows the client company to attract new prospects.

The work of a web agency revolves around several major stages. After having worked out with the client the outlines of the website project with specifications, for example, the agency moves on to the development and production stage until the site is online. The final phase will be the definition of the type of web marketing that will be adopted. The expertise of the agencies and, according to their specialty, also includes the ability to create mobile applications as well as business software and SAAS. In other words, anything that can help the client to realize his project with the advice of the agency in support.

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