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The best tools to manage your social networks

Whether you are a Community Manager, a blogger, or addicted to your social networks, these software and online services will make your life easier.

No need to waste hours juggling from one account to another; most of these tools allow you to view and alert you, schedule and schedule your posts on your various walls and dashboards.


Several online services share the market for these essential tools for managing their social networks, and among them, Agorapulse, which claims no less than 17,000 daily users.

What is so special about this tool?

It is a professional tool for marketing, digital and social media players. It allows you to centralize on a dashboard all the important information of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin accounts. You will no longer be able to miss a single comment or forget to publish a post on your account.

And with all the features offered, Agorapulse still manages to keep an ergonomic interface, clean and simple enough to learn for those who already know how social networks work.

Without going into the details of professional planning tools, advertising campaigns, audience reporting, or traffic management, Agorapulse allows you to monitor your social networks daily at a glance and schedule publications on all your networks from a single interface.


One of Agorapulse’s big competitors is Hootsuite. You can access your Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin accounts from a single interface, and to save you time, your alerts are centralized.

The more advanced and functional mobile app, which shows more than a million installations, is one of the strengths of Hootsuite. When we know that a French person spends an average of 78 minutes a day on his smartphone, Hootsuite has done well to concentrate its mobile application efforts.

Monitoring tools, publication schedule, advertising campaign monitoring, audience analysis reports, or even user rights management for your team members or your clients are all features highly appreciated by professionals in the field. Marketing and community managers. A real Swiss army knife of social networks that still requires some time to get started.

Sprout social

Sprout social is less oriented towards individuals than its competitors. Its clients are marketing agencies, digital companies, or entrepreneurs concerned with managing their communication with the right tools.

You can manage your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest with Sproutsocial, and manage multiple profiles on these social networks. Some of the interesting features of this online service, which also provides smartphone applications for Android and iOS, are statistics, optimization of the time spent on different publications with the centralization of alerts and feedback, incorporation of editing tools to change your photos or even an instant messaging system (chat).


Available as an online service or a mobile application for Android or iOS, Sensible offers centralization and reporting functions for your digital activity on social networks. Close to its competitors, Sendible has other advantages, such as managing your SMS campaigns and your mass emailing campaigns.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin can be managed on a single main interface. Notifications, messages, comments reach you quickly, and you can manage them directly without changing software and without going to your online account. While these services come at a price, they save you precious time.

For professionals, statistics and analysis reports facilitate the monitoring of marketing campaigns, publications, organized games, and especially the brand’s audience on consumers.


Available for the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin networks, Buffer also offers an application for Android and an extension for your browsers to better manage your publications on your social network accounts.

Buffer is one of the only social media management tools that offer a free but limited version of its features. Depending on your needs, this free version may be sufficient for individuals since it allows you to manage three accounts and schedule 10 messages.

In terms of the tools available, Buffer has nothing to envy market leaders since it also optimizes your time spent managing your publications, responding to Internet users, and analyzing your audience.

The configuration and the main dashboard are ergonomic and simple for users who are already used to group management software. Tracking the number of clicks or followers depending on the chosen social network, you can view the statistics for each publication and thus check its impact on your overall marketing strategy


Unlike other tools for managing your social networks, TweetDeck is completely free and allows you to manage only your Twitter account, but it does it very well. As an online service, as a mobile application, or as downloadable software, TweetDeck lets you view all the important information in your Twitter account at a glance. It displays its dashboard in columns, the home page, notifications, messages, and Twitter accounts to follow. You can view the home page of any Twitter accounts you follow or add new columns listing current activity, scheduled posts, and more. The interface is in English, but the icons are self-explanatory and allow you to easily learn about your disposal tools.

A simple drag and drop allows you to reorganize your columns. The other advantage of TweetDeck is its multi-account function. You can thus manage up to 5 accounts at the same time, from the same interface.


Besides managing major social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube, Buzzbundle also accepts accounts on forums and blogs.

You can not only monitor posts and interact with Internet users, create and manage as many profiles as you need, be responsive to different messages, view audience statistics, and prioritize the most important discussion threads.

The strength of Buzzbundle lies in the creation of new unlimited profiles and the management of the multi-account, allowing you to move quickly from one account to another and widen the community and the reputation of your brand. We regret that the interface is in English and only available in the software version (no online service or mobile application).

Zoho Social

An online service and mobile apps for Android and iOS, Zoho Social is a comprehensive tool that you can tailor to your needs and budget. You can take advantage of the monitoring features of your social media accounts and post scheduling controls, as well as assign edit and validation rights to different members of your team. The communities of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Instagram accounts can thus be managed from a single interface.

For professionals, browser extension, CRM, and technical support module can also increase Zoho Social’s capabilities. This software suite brings together most of the tools needed to manage your communication.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot is an online service and smartphone application for Android and iOS, compatible with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Google My Company accounts. Like other platforms for managing your publications, the service allows you to view all notifications, alerts, and important messages to always stay connected to your community. Its intuitive interface facilitates community managers’ and communication agencies’ work and entrepreneurs to manage their web marketing and digital reputation independently.

Managing multiple accounts, scheduling posts, analyzing performance, and monitoring what’s happening in your industry are some of the key features to learn. Even if it appears to be a challenger than Agorapulse or Hootsuite, Social Pilote has the essential and indispensable functionalities to better manage its community.


Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, or even Blogger, eClincher brings together all social networks, personal accounts, and professional pages.

Monitoring of comments, writing and scheduling publications, and collaborative projects are some of the tools offered by eClincher. Nothing new than the others, but the little extra of this online service is its media library, which can be shared between the various collaborators and the integration of graphic tools such as Canva or Giphy—no more juggling your different social media accounts and editing tools. Everything is gathered and accessible on the same interface.


If you are a web marketing professional and looking for a complete tool for all your communication and content writing, CoSchedule is for you. Unlike the other tools presented in this selection, CoSchedule does not allow you to monitor your social networks or analyze your traffic and your audience. On the other hand, it allows you to optimize your cross-platform publications by automatically generating a publication and an image in the right format and to avoid repeated manipulations. All you need to do is indicate your title, text, and image, and the online service to generate an appropriate publication for each account.

The CoSchedule editorial calendar is the great strength of this online service that facilitates your publications and all your communication actions. The application also brings together messaging services to respond quickly to Internet users.

All the tools presented here have only one goal: to save you time by optimizing your social network activity. Whether you are a web marketing professional or an individual concerned about your e-reputation (reputation on the Internet), you should find the best Social Media Marketing in Pakistan to manage your social networks everything you need to stay connected to your community.

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