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Safe driving: 10 tips for driving a car

Close up photo of a businessman driving a car

In 2018, 1,663 died, and more than 30,000 people were injured on the roads—A sad number, but one that needs to be kept in mind. A significant element to be included in the safe-driving requirements is its protection. Our driver, passengers, and pedestrians are all concerned. To drive peacefully, Tiregom provides driving advice and tips to comfortable driving in all weathers. And do you have any more tips and tricks you can share with us?

Weather-dependent driving

Driving in the rain or thunderstorms

During precipitation or heavy rain, to limit aquaplaning and drive safely, we recommend that you:

  • Take your foot off the accelerator
  • Check the state of your tires and for pressure sometimes.
  • Don’t respect the safety distances.
  • Observe traffic signs.
  • Anticipate breaking by taking your time.

“If you looked, you would see that Tireski reminds you of the speed limits on wet roads, namely, 80 km / h on the road, 100 km / h on the expressway, and 110 km / h on the motorway.

Driving on snow and icy roads

In the case of frozen or snowy roads, specific driving is important!. In severe conditions, one could follow a cast pipe. You only need to obey a few rules to ride safely.

  • Avoid acceleration to control your vehicle
  • Do not brake suddenly to avoid skidding
  • Reduce your cruising speed

Driving in foggy weather

Visibility is poor in thick fog, and it is advisable to:

  • Switch on your fog lights and low beam
  • Do not overtake to avoid a collision
  • Drive slowly to anticipate
  • Keep your safety distances to respond to an emergency

Driving in strong wind

Caution is in order! A side wind blows your car off balance, and you have to face various obstacles. Tiregom suggests that you:

  • Watch out for pedestrians and tree branches on the side
  • Close the windows to prevent the wind from blowing in
  • Check that all your luggage or objects are securely stowed in your gallery
  • Slow down so you can stop quickly

Driving in high heat and heatwave

Most of the recent car park has air conditioning. It must be cleaned by a mechanic and properly adjusted. To avoid thermal shock, here are some tips:

  • Maintain a maximum temperature difference of 10 degrees with that of the outside
  • Stay hydrated and all occupants, including pets, by drinking water
  • Use foggers to wet a baby’s face or animal’s head (Tiregom, for example, hates being too hot in the car in summer)
  • Do not park too long in the sun with a child or an animal inside your car
  • Install side sun visors for the little ones

Of course, if you observe alarming symptoms concerning your child or animal, you should consult a doctor.

Ride safely on all terrains

Highway driving

Motorway driving must be done according to the rules of the art! Here are several points to observe:

  • Comply with speed limits
  • Only park on the emergency lane in the event of a breakdown
  • Signal your intention to overtake or change lanes
  • A vest and a warning triangle are mandatory
  • Fatigue sets in on long, monotonous journeys, and a break every two hours is essential.
  • Remain vigilant about the behavior of motorists
  • Control your vehicle, avoiding a sudden change of direction
  • Respect the minimum speed of 50 km / h

Driving on muddy roads

To prevent getting stuck and slipping, we suggest you:

  • Observe the condition of the road and the layer of soil
  • Easily deduce if you continue the journey facing the wheel tracks of other vehicles

Mountain driving

Faced with the altitude and the many bends, this driving requires  great attention; here are our tips:

  • Have your brake system checked
  • Ride carefully and slow down on bends
  • Horn if you lack visibility
  • Remember to bring your tools, in case of breakdown
  • Provide some food and water
  • Check the condition of your spare tire before you leave
  • Listen to the weather forecast to choose the best route
  • Do not overtake on a slope
  • Don’t cut through ravines

Driving on other terrains

In the forest, stay vigilant, both day and night, as to the animals’ passage, including deer and wild boar. On a dirt road, watch out for stones, which are responsible for punctures. Remember that this is not designed for vehicular traffic.

Adopt safe driving every day

 Night driving

It is completely different from daytime driving. We are often dazzled by the low beams or headlights of other vehicles. Here are some details:

  • do not look at the headlights of other cars but glare at the path.
  • Reduce your speed
  • Change the position of your interior mirror. There is a night position.

For perfect grip, do not drive with under-inflated tires. The recommendations of the tire manufacturers or manufacturers must be followed. Those which are recommended vary according to your load in the rear. Then increase the pressure of the tires located at the same location. Depending on their wear rate, you can rotate your wheels. So long as you have the opportunity to swap your tire with your spare, you can remove your tire with the jack and replace it with your spare. This should be looked over periodically.

Adopt responsible behavior

Drunk and Drive

As a safety precaution, you can always carry a breathalyzer to an alcoholic restaurant for your passengers (if you have been drinking, of course). He will allow you to keep track of the alcohol level, and when you sign the arrest record, you will not be in violation. This means that since you are innocent of any wrongdoing, you will not be penalized with a fine and will not be penalized on your driver’s license. During nightclub trips, party captains can take you. Sam is the one who does not drink!

The maximum permitted blood alcohol level is 0.5 grams per liter of blood. The blood alcohol level for a young driver is 0.2 g / l, which means that you should not drink a single drink

Drug driving

Also, watch out for medicines that can cause drowsiness and reduced reflexes.

Driving behavior

When stuck in traffic, it is easier to turn off your engine, so you don’t use any additional energy and to avoid extra emissions to the atmosphere. Try to control yourself by avoiding unwanted horn blasts, rudeness, and aggression while driving (we know, it’s not always easy).

Phone while driving

It is forbidden to make calls, drink or eat while driving (but you already know that). The Bluetooth hands-free kit is allowed, but headphones and earphones are prohibited by law. The fine for telephone while driving is 135 € and entails a withdrawal of 3 points on the driving license. Text messages are not allowed. We keep both hands on the wheel!

Know that even though you have a teen in your house, it is ok to let him accompany driving. Like you, he must also abide by all speed limits and all of the Highway Code laws.

Prevention and road safety

Despite protestations from special interest groups, it is important that the public access the most up to date materials on pedestrian safety and driver education. A good example of a diverse organization is the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP). This group is organized to carry out crash checks on modern vehicles. So, by buying a new car with five stars, you can be sure that it has responded positively to all the safety tests. The Road Safety website provides lots of useful information on rules, penalties, and your rights.


Now that you know all of Tiregom’s safety tips, the best we can wish for you is to take care of yourself, your loved ones, and other road users. To do this, check all the levels and equipment of your vehicle. Also, beware of all users of motorbikes, bicycles, and other means of transport; finally, if your tires are worn out, head to the tire comparator to buy new ones!

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