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Tips for safe road trips during COVID-19

The holidays are here; it’s time to take off. However, protective measures and travel restrictions linked to the health crisis are still in force. So, how do you go on vacation without leaving the gap? In the current context, the road trip has become an interesting alternative to limit risks. Maybe you are wondering how to take the road in peace? Here are our essential tips for planning your road trip safely during COVID-19.

We know the journey is particularly difficult at the moment. But alongside the latest travel tips and updates from COVID-19, we want to continue to inspire you with new travel ideas, so you are ready when the world reopens.

Keep in mind: Before your next trip, please check local guidelines and follow applicable health and safety measures. We recommend that you wear your mask regularly or every other day or so.

Add our guide to your favorites to prepare for your next road trip, with essential advice:

  • Prepare the route
  • Disinfect your things and prepare a sanitary kit
  • Prepare your car properly
  • Provide food for the road
  • How to use sanitary facilities safely on the road
  • Where to stop on a road trip during COVID-19

Prepare the itinerary for your road trip during COVID-19

A road trip requires real organization. The reason why you’re looking for housing is not the one that is real, but the one that is true that you’re on a life journey. This is especially true for planning a safe road trip during COVID-19.

Our favorite tips for the three styles of a road trip are found here:

  • Pick an area that you deeply want to explore. Ideally, the route will take you to multiple points of interest. For example, why not take one of the legendary roads of Pakistan? Or, dive into nature for a breath of fresh air.
  • During this period of a health crisis, prefer more remote destinations, especially during school holidays. Thus, you will certainly meet fewer people.
  • Before you get on the road, you can review the government’s travel regulations, in which they will reveal all of the safety measures in place.
  • Calculate the duration of your trip and plan strategic breaks on the road. Remember that there will be extra time at each break to comply with reinforced hygiene measures.
  • Finally, don’t forget to consult an interactive map. It will show you all the facilities available on your route to fill your tank, buy snacks, etc.

Disinfect your belongings and take a sanitary kit

The best way to travel with confidence in knowing that you are well prepared. So always have a few masks and bottles of hydroalcoholic gel in the car.

Here are some tips to prepare for your next road trip:

  • Disinfect all surfaces of your belongings, in the car, on your bags, etc., before you leave.
  • Remember to use the hydroalcoholic gel every time you get in your car, even if you have washed your hands before.
  • Take a first aid kit in the car, with more masks and disinfectants.
  • At the end of the day and every morning before leaving, disinfect the surfaces inside your vehicle.

Prepare your car properly

For any road trip, you should plan a full inspection of your vehicle. We advise you to be even more careful when preparing your road trip during COVID-19.

  • Do an essential safety check on your vehicle, using a checklist of items to check.
  • Be prepared to adapt your driving to the road conditions and your physical condition.
  • Make sure to carry water and food for the duration of at least the first part of your journey (especially considering the number of passengers in the car).
  • Make sure you have all of your essential documents, depending on your destination.
  • Check with your auto insurance that they are ready to cover you at the destination of your choice.
  • Know your vehicle’s fuel consumption rate and where you can fuel up on the road. Please do not depend on your cellphone carrier to let you know that you are gone since they can often drop the call or not be able to hear you.
  • Consider having a road atlas with you – Google Maps works great when you have plenty of battery and network, but be prepared for the unknown too. Maps available offline, such as on the Maps. My app is also very useful and can help you out.

Leave nothing to chance. This is the motto to follow when preparing your car for a road trip during a health crisis.

Are you thinking of renting a car?

Many car rental agencies closed their doors during the health crisis, but you can still book online from Carlay car Rental. If you plan a trip to Pakistan and look for rent car in Karachi, ensure you follow the sanitary protocol and ensure that your vehicle is completely disinfected before picking it up. For more peace of mind, always choose modifiable packages, free cancellation, and cleanliness guarantees.

Plan in the case for the road

Once on the road, it’s time to enjoy the scenery and focus on the present moment. Normally, during your planning, you will have integrated stops to eat or picnic areas to rest between driving sessions. However, during COVID-19, it is better to eat less in public places than before. Plan to provide food for the road and snacks to eat in the car to minimize the time spent in areas and gas stations.

What are your favorite snacks, and how to eat healthier during your road trip? Here are some ideas:

  • Fresh fruits like bananas, apples, etc.
  • Nuts – especially mixed
  • Chocolate
  • Cereal bars.

You would be able to refresh yourself with a glass of water sometimes. This will prevent you from filling them up at each stop to reduce your touchpoints.

How to use sanitary facilities safely on the road

This is one of the questions most often asked at the moment: during shutdowns, how to keep yourself safe during COVID-19?

Almost all petrol stations are equipped with essential sanitary measures. However, here are the tips to check during your breaks:

  • Make sure to wear a mask as soon as you step out of the car – service areas and gas stations are sometimes busy, and distancing people from each other is often difficult in these locations.
  • Wash your hands after using the toilet
  • Keep yourself away from other people, or you can get sick.
  • Use hydroalcoholic gel when you get in the car
  • Be careful not to throw disinfectant wipes and non-reusable masks out of the trash; if you can not find any bins, bring a plastic bag to take your waste
  • Avoid touching your face when sitting down to eat

Where to stop during a road trip?

Especially during COVID-19, you should plan a few breakpoints depending on your itinerary. In summer, the most well-known tourist destinations will be more densely populated, and there may be a shortage of rooms at the hotel. Moreover, during COVID-19, it is very important to ensure that you can find potential accommodation within your budget and respect health measures.

  • For campsites, remember to book in advance and ask if many people are already on the site. Find a location away from other tents and follow the same sanitary advice as if you were at a gas station. Also, be careful to disinfect your toiletries when you return to your location, after taking a shower, for example.
  • For hotels, hygiene considerations remain the most important. Do not hesitate to compare in advance and especially make sure to always book your room.
  • If possible, choose lodges and guest rooms where you will have the opportunity to be the only occupants. This allows owners to ensure 100% disinfection of all surfaces and social distancing.

A few more tips during COVID-19:

  • I prefer bookings with free cancellation, in case government advice changes regarding travel even within Pakistan
  • Do not hesitate to contact the accommodation in advance and ask them questions about the respect of sanitary measures when you arrive
  • To avoid the crowds, try to book, especially outside of the more famous hotel chains.

We all want to go on a trip again, and road trips can be the perfect solution to keeping distance and maintaining cleanliness more easily. Therefore, we hope that these tips can ease your worries, inspire you, and give you the confidence to get back on the road soon.

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