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8 Innovative trends in website creation for 2021

Today’s web design offers many possibilities. But not all quirks are viable at some point. There is a time and place for each approach. The redesign of a website without reason may do more harm than good.

But in 2021, these reasons will be more than enough. Analysis of user wishes shows that they want to see something new in web development in Pakistan. That’s why today is the time to keep up with new trends and use them on your site

Which trends will have a purely aesthetic character? What needs to be changed to improve the user experience? Which trends will be a thing of the past and what will replace them? We’ve put together a list of 2021 innovative web design trends to keep you ready for change.

Flexible vector graphics

The main source of aesthetics on a site is multimedia. A web page that contains interesting illustrations or photos is always rated higher.

Content-saturated websites load much longer, especially on mobile devices. But Google has made it clear that it cares about the user. One of the ranking criteria is the result of indexing sites on mobile devices.

Adaptability is therefore more in demand than a year ago. The problem with GIFs and PNG images is that they lose quality when resized. To refuse them is to kill saturation. Far from it and a new trend – vector illustration .

The SVG format makes it possible to adapt the image to the screen, while maintaining the quality of the original graphics. This format will now become a critical trend in adaptability and general web design.

Focus on data

The user started to trust the analysis and its results more and more. This is why IT managers are striving to increase the role of information design structures . Thus, they focus more and more on design which emphasizes project data.

First of all, such a design will help you personally compare your business data. So you can make important decisions faster. Likewise, this approach is a great opportunity to keep the reader on the page. The search engines want the user spends much time on the site. After all, this is how the index rating is raised.

Trends in innovative website design

Website design with a focus on data. Image Source

To develop this concept, your team should focus on the following areas:

Intelligent management and placement of data;

Designing a data-driven design requires consideration of various business factors . You can thus support the analysis with specific events .

Data in web design is the communication with your users. Therefore, this approach can revitalize your project.

Asymmetric arrangements

For many years, websites have been built on a grid. This is a great approach that helps streamline the structure and focus on the key elements. On the other hand, it reduces the uniqueness of the site. That’s why the upcoming trend is asymmetric design .

Asymmetry is an opportunity to change traditions and move on to brutalism, individuality, wavering energy and pure pleasure.

However, even then, designers have to find a balance. To create a sense of balance, you need to do some user testing. The goal is to make sure that no part of the page feels “heavier” than the rest. For example, the image should not be much larger than the block of text.

You are probably asking yourself the question: “How do you draw attention to key elements if they are not located on the grid?”. It is important to remember here that, regardless of the approach, the viewer’s eyes are always fixed on the large elements. So, in an asymmetrical design, it is enough to simply increase the size of the blocks that you want to draw attention to.

Soft shadows and floating elements

One of the best ways to grab the user’s attention is to download the video in the background of the main screen . But even today, technology makes it possible to combine this approach with a high page load speed. This is especially true for mobile devices. The question remains: how to use SVG illustrations while ensuring the volume of the images?

The answer lies in the use of soft shadows and floating elements of the images. They make web design layered and more interesting. In addition, it increases the depth of the design elements.

This effect can be used for design:

  • the body of the text;
  • the titles ;
  • individual images and illustrations;
  • active buttons.

In other words, you can add shadows and floating effects to any element of the web design. The main thing is that it is aesthetic in relation to the general background. Using this approach, designers can dilute the uniformity of SVG artwork and make the design more unique. Mixing Photos and Graphics Using real photos mixed with illustrations or graphics creates an individual site message. Whether you take a photo of a product or a person, it will help maintain the brand image . It’s also a great way to stand out.

Overlaying graphics with a photograph creates a special visual effect .

Such collages are universal :

They can be used to add appeal.

They dilute complex attributes , making it possible to convey abstract concepts .

It is a way to personalize images and add personality.

How to make the most of the flexibility of this trend? Match the style of illustrations and graphics to your brand identity . This greatly affects the way the user interprets the photos. For example:

for playful photos in the entertainment field, you can choose caricature graphics ; complex geometric

shapessuitable for an online store of classic clothing;

restaurant websites can be perfectly combined with retro style graphics .

Black theme

For a very long time, the base of empty space was white. Some services started adding a dark theme several years ago. But at the time, this theme was not widely recognized. The trends will change in 2021.

First of all, pay attention to the design of the homepages of the big brands. Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Hublot and many more are already using this dark theme. A simple change of color gave the design of the site a whole new aspect:

makes the design elements more visible;

increases the contrast ratio;

places less emphasis on the eyes;

makes the site more elegant.

Apple added a dark theme in iOS 13 , which was liked by many users. Subsequently, popular apps like Instagram, Whatsapp also added dark undertones . This trend is spreading and becoming more and more popular in all fields.

Among other things, dark themes are great for OLED displays as they save power and extend the life of the display. The dark shades help create creative elements using a glow of neon , which is one of the trends in graphic design in 2021.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is increasingly penetrating all areas of our life, including marketing. When you implement AI on your site, you can use a lot more data to meet user needs.

In the context of web design, adding artificial intelligence is more about development than the end result. AI is the ability to create targeted and personalized pages, focused on a specific context. Artificial intelligence makes it possible, among other things, to achieve this:

to collect information about readers;

automate the selection of graphics;

to perform tests;

to place the elements of attention in the most appropriate places.

Every day the user expects more and more personalization on a subconscious level . AI is the best way to give a web page visitor exactly what they are looking for.

Availability of use


The accessibility of the website for any user is an important part of the website design process . This factor has its origins in global politics, where tolerance towards people with disabilities is currently growing. Many organizations try to provide conditions for these categories of the population.

Although the review is not about websites, many designers have decided to simply implement various possibilities on their own. Thus, they created a trend for the development of accessibility of any service and its individual elements.

Website design is inextricably linked with content. This is why, during the development, it is necessary to take care of it:

sound recording;


subtitles ;

increase in fonts.

If a designer posts a video, they should consider making sure that any user receives the full message. If the site will be focused on data placement, make sure that people with visual impairments are familiar with it.

This trend creates a lot of difficulties for web designers. Why ? All these elements must be implemented without harming the aesthetics and the indexation rating. Nevertheless, by taking care of all segments of the population, the web designer will be able to broaden the target audience.

Release trends

Website design is a very intensive step in the development of a website. First of all, you can add a lot of things to it that will grab attention. The main thing is not to add everything at once, so as not to create chaos in the interface. But you also need to watch for exit trends so that the site doesn’t look old.

A clear geometry . For several years in a row, many designers resorted to the use of strict angles and balanced shapes. Today the user is a little fed up because the sites look very uniform. Therefore, with the advent of asymmetry , any clearly verified figure loses its relevance. Add fluidity to your graphic design.

Bright and saturated colors. Another element of web design that is rapidly losing popularity. First of all, they create more visual fatigue. Second, they do not coincide with general color trends in other areas. This is why muted pastel tones replace bright colors .

Video and animation are part of the design. Many sites have added animations to liven up their site. A particularly popular trend has been the addition of video instead of images to the background of the main screen. This significantly reduced the loading speed of the site . Until this issue is resolved, the trend of video remains in the past.

Final Words

Many expect the year 2020 to mark a change. But in fact, it has become a year of analyzing new user needs. We’ll see the results in 2021. Web designers will change most trends, making sites look completely different.

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