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What does your career as a junior software developer look like?

What does your career as a junior software developer look like?
What does your career as a junior software developer look like?

The IT industry is one of the most profitable economic sectors in Romania due to the rapid rise, the growing demands on the market and the current innovations. Software development is among the most challenging areas in IT&C, due to the complexity and demands that arise in various projects.

Unlike other jobs with the same profile, where technical skills can be of several types or can fall into several categories, as a software developer the main technical skills required are good knowledge of a programming language or the combination of knowledge software with hardware.

Most of the time the difference between a junior software developer and a senior is the personal experience of working with various programming languages: how many years he programmed, how often he used that language, how he can use technologies together, how much he learns on own account and keep up to date with what is new in the field. According to the web design company in Pakistan “The most widespread programming languages” in IT, 2014 is the third consecutive year in which Python is considered the most desired and used programming language, moving further and further away from Java Script and C ++. The 5 most used programming languages ​​by IT&C companies in Pakistan are:


Java is a programming language developed by JavaSoft, a company within Sun Microsystems, and is completely object-oriented and offers the real possibility of reusing code. At the same time Java is architecturally neutral, representing a language independent of the work platform, the applications running, without any modification, on different systems such as Windows, UNIX or Macintosh, which brings substantial savings to companies that develop applications for the Internet.

C ++

C ++ is a general programming language, compiled and the successor of the C tool. It is a multi-paradigm language, with static verification of the type of variables that support object-oriented programming. This programming language occupies 13% of the market demands, being generally often used even by today’s companies.


Python emphasizes the simplicity of the code, and its syntax allows developers to express some programmatic ideas in a clearer and more concise manner than in other programming languages, such as C. In terms of the programming paradigm, Python can serve as a language for object-oriented software, but also allows imperative, functional or

procedural programming.


PHP is a widely used, open source scripting language that is widely used and is especially suitable for web application development and can be integrated into HTML. PHP stands out for its simplicity for a beginner, but also for the existence of many advanced features for a professional programmer.


Ruby is a generic, reflective, dynamic, object-oriented programming language: each data type is an object, including classes and types that many other languages ​​consider primitive (such as the integer, boolean, and “nil” type). Each function represents a method.

Variables designate references to objects, not the objects themselves. Ruby supports inheritance, but not multiple inheritance, however classes can import modules. Procedural syntax is accepted, but all methods defined outside the scope of a particular object are actually methods of the object class. To form a clearer view of the programming languages ​​used, we can see the top 10 most used sites, as the number of unique users.


Getting a junior software developer job depends on the known programming languages ​​and specific softskills skills that each employer is looking for. There is no general job description that includes a standard list of skills that if you meet them you can consider yourself an employee!


For the selection of potential candidates, recruiters follow the candidate’s experience with the respective programming language with which he has worked over time, either in a job, in school projects, or on his own. Ensuring the match with the job requirements of the new employees is done for this stage by

practical tests. The candidate’s skills in various programming languages ​​as well as his ability to solve algorithmic problems are tested, and depending on the correctness with which he completed the task, the person is admitted or rejected.

 “I have noticed over time that managers prefer candidates with good communication skills, flexibility and the ability to work in a team. As hard skills, I would mention programming knowledge (eg in Java, SQL), but also English and German at an advanced level. Some of this can be achieved through college projects, but we strongly encourage participation in internship programs during your studies or when starting your own projects (for example, creating a web or mobile application). Most of all, we appreciate candidates who are flexible: they can quickly adapt to new technologies, customer requirements, schedule and workload, the need to travel. This can make the difference between getting a job or not. Of course, it is desirable that this flexibility be complemented by:BearingPoint Romania


The most frequently analyzed personal attributions are: efficient problem solving, the ability to assimilate new information quickly, efficient communication, results orientation and logical thinking.

“When experience is lacking, we want young people at the beginning of their careers to compensate with enthusiasm, a high

level of energy, seriousness and desire to learn. In terms of hard skills, we are looking for people who have minimal programming knowledge. They differ depending on the specifics of each job eg PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Hadoop or Java.


To be successful in the IT&C industry you must always surpass yourself and constantly improve your code writing skills. Also, the level of experience and ease with which you can code in certain programming languages ​​is one of the factors that may or may not provide you with a job.

Among the best ways you can improve your coding skills are:

 Attend an IT event. During IT&C conferences you can meet professionals in the field and network with them. This aspect matters a lot because you can receive useful tips for your development as a software developer or you can even get hired.

 Get involved in extracurricular projects that involve writing code. By participating in this type of activities and projects you can improve your programming skills. You have the chance to develop in a professional environment in which to refine your coding skills and to receive constructive feedback for your work.

 Learn from professionals in the field. In a Google search, you can find a multitude of people who share ways and tips for writing personal codes. At the same time, you can ask for help from the people you network with in order to improve your coding skills and at the same time receive useful advice in this regard.

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