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5 Easy Tips to Clean Your House in Short Time

Cleaning up the house, you don’t need to wait for the weekend anymore

For working moms, cleaning the house is often a mandatory agenda on weekends because that’s the only day Mama is at home all day.

However, since the working from home policy came into effect, Mama had to be at home all day long. It’s just been a while; how come all parts of the house look messy, huh?

The desire to clean all parts of the house all day seems tempting. However, is it true that during Ramadan, Mama only spends time tidying up?

Even though it seemed impossible, it turned out that Mama could clean up the house even though time was limited. In less than 10 minutes, Mama can make one corner of the house tidy up.

1. Focus on one small area

The main key is that you focus on one small area in the house first. Moreover, if you do all the household chores, only the two of you, Papa, also without ART.

There was no way Mama could clean up all day alone. It could be the needs of yourself, children, or other homes neglected.

So, try to divide the cleaning time of an area of ​​the house into 10-minute sessions. This method makes it easier for Mama to organize the stages of tidying up.

Plus, it saves your energy more because you don’t have to dedicate a whole day to big cleaning.

Especially now, it is the month of Ramadan. Mama certainly wants to fill fasting time by worshiping hard. Don’t let Mama be busy tidying up so that she is too tired to fulfill the worship.

2. Select one project at a time

As much as possible, avoid multitasking while cleaning, Ma. So, you can focus on the areas you want tidied up.

For example, try checking the table and the contents of the drawer that is right next to the bed. Without realizing it, Mama may often accumulate or store several unnecessary objects.

Sort out which items are still in use and which are not. Then, clean the table from dust and make sure that any unused items are removed.

3. Slip between daily routines

The working situation at home like this now makes the time 24 hours a day so tight. Mama must be smart in dividing her time between office matters, taking care of Papa and children, to household matters.

So, slip this tidying project between your daily routine. For example, when cleaning the family room, Mama can tidy up the pile of books on the sofa next to the table or tidy up children’s toys.

Refrain from being tempted to tidy up the entire family room right away. It’s not possible, but surely your little one is already busy calling Mama to ask for this, or an online meeting schedule is waiting.

4. Create a theme cleaning project per week

Mama, the type of person who likes to do everything to completion? Maybe this 10-minute tidying up seems bearish.

If possible, I want to fix everything right away. However, when the schedule of activities could not compromise, Mama had to have another strategy.

The solution, Mama can create a theme for cleaning projects per week or every two / three days. For example, this week, Mom is focusing on tidying up in the main room. So, take the time every day to clean one part of the room at a time.

5. Apply to everything

You can try to apply this 10-minute cleaning to everything, not just your home.

Starting from managing the watch queue on Netflix, ‘cleaning’ social media to checking phone contacts that have never been updated. Also suitable to try when cleaning things in the car.

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