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Why use an external hotel cleaning company?

Guaranteeing the cleanliness of a hotel’s premises is a sure sign of its attractiveness to potential customers. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes: it is still much more pleasant to stay in a room where the bed has been made and the carpet cleaned!

These clean-ups don’t just have to be done; they have to be done with diligence and expertise. Trained staff with the right equipment will do a much more convincing job in the long run.

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Should we use an internal team or an external company?

A hotel can use either an in-house cleaning team or an external cleaning company. The first option mainly concerns small establishments, for which a small team is more profitable than a large provider. The second option concerns large hotels, for which every room must be spotless. In the latter case, a tailor-made contract must be established between the hotel and the company to deal with any eventuality: number of rooms, restrictions on the use of certain products, seasonality, etc.

Neglect of cleanliness: significant legal consequences!

The cleanliness of a hotel obviously has a direct impact on its public image. Today, with the internet, any customer can make public their dissatisfaction with the quality of their stay. But cleanliness is not just a matter of reputation; it is also a legal matter. According to the legislation on contracts, any customer can decide not to honor a payment if the room does not conform to the description given previously by the hotel: in this case, if it is not clean. Health checks are also carried out by public bodies. The hotels must respect the hygiene standards present in the Public Health Code and the standards on foodstuffs. A hotel that does not meet these standards is liable to heavy penalties.

Concrete intervention of a cleaning company: efficiency above all

But in concrete terms, how is the cleaning of a hotel carried out by an external cleaning team? This cleaning concerns both the interior areas ( bedrooms, common areas) and the exterior areas (car parks, gardens, etc.). For the bedrooms, there is obviously the replacement of sheets and towels, but the carpet must also be shampooed. The application of a fungicide and/or bactericide is sometimes required. It is also important to clean the wet rooms thoroughly so that they shine. The replacement of towels accompanies that of toilet paper and small soaps used. For the bedrooms, it is also necessary to dust the furniture and wash the windows.

A cleaning company can also take care of the common and outdoor areas, for example, the lobby. It is possible, for example, to clean the buttons of the elevator or of the drink dispensing machine. The cleaning company can also take care of green spaces: watering plants, etc.

Professional cleaning equipment for a team of professionals

The intervention of professionals is accompanied by the use of high-end equipment. Vacuum cleaners, for example, are made to suck up water and dust, dry and liquid waste. The ducted trolley allows the transport of material: brooms, a bucket of water, etc. The mono brush is used to wash hard floors: tiles, concrete. Sometimes the vacuum cleaner and the single-disc machine are replaced by a multifunctional scrubber. For bedrooms, a steam cleaner is recommended because the steam effectively combats dust and microbes.

To summarize

The cleanliness of a hotel is an essential guarantee of its quality. The guest is king, and he deserves a spotless room. Often, it is unwise to leave the cleanliness of this room to non-professionals. The legal consequences in the event of negligence are very serious and unfortunate for your business.

So don’t leave anything to chance!

An external cleaning company will take care of the rooms and the common areas and (we sometimes forget) the outdoor spaces, such as the gardens. Their professional intervention requires the use of professional equipment, such as the scrubber or the ducted cart. Their expertise will allow the hotel to remain impeccable over the long term.

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