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Tips when renting a car abroad

woman receiving car key from man

Why is there such an industry as car rental?

1. Unique Opportunity

Of course, because the car rental is a unique opportunity to touch the history of the country and its nature, to see: architectural monuments, the beautiful nature of the mountains and sea coasts, the real-life of countries; look into all corners of modern and ancient cities and not depend on anyone, you make up your own schedule of movement in a comfortable car. Often a pleasant surprise when renting a car is cost savings compared to traveling by other means of transport.

2. rent a car for industrial purpose

There are hundreds of thousands of workers in the car rental industry around the world, tens of thousands of rental companies are located in airports and cities around the world, and millions of cars make up rental fleets that tourists use for an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, Ukrainians, like residents of other countries of the former, are just beginning to get acquainted with the advantages of car rental during tourist travel, and our company decided to prepare a useful list of questions and recommendations when renting a car so that your trip will give you only positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. If you want a rental car for the industrial purpose then rent a car in Islamabad give you car for the rent to your work for industries.

3. License of a Driver

If you have a driver’s license and skills in driving a car, you can safely rent a car abroad. The road surface, markings, and the number of information signs will allow you to enjoy driving. The only difficulty that can be a theoretical obstacle for you is to get used to all the inscriptions in Latin letters. There is one important thing to remember – many intersections are in the shape of a circle, and the “right hand” rule does not work there – abroad, a car moving in a process has advantages at the intersection, which is indicated on the road signs.

4. Booking a Car

For booking a car, it is convenient to use the sites of rental companies. It is necessary to book in advance since the parks of rental companies are limited and often 1-2 weeks before the trip by popular tourist destinations, you will no longer be able to find a free car of the class you need. Prices for low classes and above-average differ significantly due to the low demand for expensive cars. Therefore, it is better to rent the most popular classes. If you still count on a high-class car, you need to order in advance, have at least three years of driving experience, be at least 25 years old, and present two credit cards when choosing a car. It should be noted that the percentage of cars with an automatic transmission is much less than with a manual one, so it is better to rely on “mechanics,” especially in the “high season,” or to order in advance.

6. Pay attention to booking a car

When booking, you choose the class of car, location ( pay attention to their opening hours ), leave your credit card details. If you do not show up for the car booked for you, the rental company will deduct the so-called ‘no show fee’ from your card – a no-show fee, usually eq. 40$. Therefore, if you change your mind about flying on vacation, do not forget to cancel your booking in advance (usually a day in advance) – in this case, you will save your funds. No blocking or debiting of amounts from bank cards occurs when booking. If you are not sure about the dates or times of picking up and returning a car, you can always use the “change reservation” service; it is free.

7. Use the websites of international car rental companies

Their prices may be slightly higher than the prices of local companies, but in the end, it will be 20-40 $ per week of rent, and the risks of cooperation with local companies are much higher. The largest is the write-off of unconfirmed amounts for damage to a car that did not exist. For example, in this case, in the Ukrainian office of our company, you can write a statement, and the unlawfully debited funds will be returned to you. If it was a local rental company from the south of Italy, it is almost impossible to return these funds. Intermediary sites are actively working on the market, using their services often. You do not even know which rental company will provide you with a car. Our advice is to rent a car directly from renowned car rental companies with offices.

8. Location of the rental car

The locations of the rental companies are separate from other services; after leaving the customs area, ask for CAR RENTAL DESKS (LOCATIONS). If the airport consists of several terminals, the locations can only be in one of them. You will need a printed text of the reservation (you will receive it by e-mail), a passport, a driver’s license, and a credit card… As a general rule, the minimum driver’s age must be 21 years of age or older. Please note that you need two credit cards to rent a premium car. The amount for car rental is debited from the card (previously agreed upon in your reservation), and the car deposit is blocked for the rental period. The deposit amount ranges from 300 to 1050$, depending on the country and car group. After returning the car, if there are no new damages on it, the amount of the deposit will be unlocked on your account. If the warranty on your card has not been unblocked within three banking days, please submit the following application to the issuing bank of your card (link to the application).

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