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Cleaning of towers, residential and commercial complexes

Young Woman Cleaning The Wooden Shelf In Living Room

At the beginning of increasing the rate of urbanization and migration from rural to urban areas, there was no problem of lack of space. But the further we went, the less space there was, and our houses became taller instead of level.

This style of vertical housing, which is a modern phenomenon, brought new needs to our lives. Take home cleaning, for example. Although cleaning and home cleaning companies is very common, cleaning a one- or two-story building is not something that the landlord himself can not do if he has free time. Now think about cleaning a tower or a very tall residential or commercial building.

Now cleaning is a very specialized activity and requires knowledge, experience, skills, and appropriate equipment. Fortunately, in the age we live in, experienced service and cleaning companies are readily available. Suppose you, as the building manager or the board of directors of the tower have the task of choosing a service company to clean the tower, residential or commercial complex, after reading this article.

Tower cleaning: facade washing or facade washing

Facade cleaning and services to clean and renovate the facades of tall buildings or residential and commercial towers are among the most specialized parts of tower cleaning. It is interesting to know that cleaning the glass and washing some tall towers are on the list of the most difficult tasks in some countries. Needless to say, facade cleaning for high-rise buildings requires training, experience, skills and equipment, and professional and professional tools, and this part of cleaning the tower, residential and commercial complex should be left to the expert.

Types of facades for washing

Glass facade cleaning: Generally, after using detergents, it is collected by a special water blade, and the glass surface is cleaned with a towel.

Cleaning the stone or composite facade: The facade surface is cleaned by water jet with high-pressure water, and finally the glass is cleaned by cloud, blade, and napkin.

Cleaning a brick facade: If the pollution of the facade is low and superficial, the work of cleaning the facade, like the stone facade, is done by waterjet. But if the pollution is high, they use a system called Water Sand Blast, which removes a thin surface from the façade by very fine grains of sand and high water pressure.

In general, it may be possible to categorize the work of service companies for cleaning towers, residential and commercial complexes in the field of working height and washing of buildings as follows:

• Washing surfaces and facades

• Washing facades without scaffolding and with waterjet

• Washing stone and brick facades And … by Water Sand Blast

• Washing in the building with waterjet, cloud, and detergent

• Nano or waterproof services

It is clear that the cleaning of the tower, residential and commercial complex, and washing the facade and washing, has another part, which is the cleaning of stairs, corridors, and common areas. In cleaning this part, perhaps the only difference between a tower and a two-story building is the high volume of work in the tower. Of course, some service companies use special equipment such as scrubbers to clean floors in towers, commercial and residential complexes, but if the cleaner does all the cleaning work, the only difference is the high volume of work.

Regarding the cleaning of towers or commercial and office complexes, more coordination is needed to clean the building during non-office hours.

The cost of cleaning the tower, residential and commercial complex

Keep in mind that the cost of cleaning the tower, residential and commercial complex in the washing department depends on many different things, and it is necessary for the specialist of the service and cleaning company to be present at the building site and observe the pollution level and workload. Only after a field study and observing the difficulty of the work can you think about determining the cost of cleaning the tower, residential and commercial complex in the facade section. In any case, you need to agree on the cost of cleaning before starting work. The cost of cleaning the tower, residential, and commercial complex in the showroom depends on the following:

 Building height: The most important factor in estimating the cost of cleaning the tower, residential complex, and Commercial. Keep in mind the building’s height, which determines what equipment is needed for the show, for example, installing scaffolding or using a rope, etc.

Type of facade: The difference of materials used in the facade can change the type of equipment and detergents and working time.

Amount of pollution of the facade: The volume of pollution and rust of water and mass on the walls determines the time of work and materials and equipment consumed. So it undoubtedly affects the cost of cleaning the tower, residential and commercial complex.

Quality of work: Sometimes some service companies offer new methods for washing the facade and the use of different equipment and detergents, which is clear if the quality of cleaning and washing the facade and improving the appearance of the building, the cost of cleaning the tower, residential complex and Commercial will increase.

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