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The Importance of Computer Security in a Business

The Importance of Computer Security in a Business
The Importance of Computer Security in a Business

The evolution of the Internet obliges many organizations to set up a very developed information system to be viable. Providing their employees with all the necessary information and technological tools responds to this need for viability and sustainability, which involves regular and increased communication with their partners, suppliers, and customers.

These information systems, and therefore the Internet, contain very critical information for the progress of organizational activities. It is, therefore, essential to protect them against intrusions and unauthorized access. In this perspective, having a computer security system has become an integral component of business infrastructure. But first, let’s define some aspects of this type of security.
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What is a Security System?

In general, a security system is “all the technical, organizational, and human resources necessary to preserve and guarantee the security of the company’s information system” [1]. It is above all a means of reducing the vulnerability of the information system using an exhaustive analysis of possible intrusions, then of protecting the internal and external IT environment of the company from any possible intrusion or malicious surveillance. This is usually done using powerful security software.

Choose an Efficient and Reliable Security System!

To have comprehensive business protection, it is not enough to install a security system but to put in place the one that most effectively meets the security needs of the company. It is t. Therefore, I important to choose it well. Here is a non-exhaustive list of criteria to consider when choosing a security system to guarantee maximum protection efficiency.

Above all, a security system must:

  • Ensure the external and internal protection of the information system.
  • Guarantee the confidentiality of communications at all times.
  • Align with the culture of the company.
  • Control access to IT resources with certainty.
  • Guarantee the return on investment.
  • Flexible and flexible: invariable whatever the state of the company.

Benefits of Having an Efficient and Reliable Security System

Implementing a reliable and efficient security system allows companies to somehow ensure their progress over time and disseminate a positive image, especially for companies doing business via the Internet anandho favor an extranet with their employees. Indeed, this allows us to build a solid register of loyal and numerous customers. The main reasons are the image of security, reliability, and stability, which gives customers and employees confidence when doing business with the company.

Also, on the financial level, the company achieves several profits thanks to good cost control. This requires better use of Internet channels. Reducing data loss and complying with the requirements of certain partners and suppliers saves technology costs. Because if it is true that a company spends a lot of money to protect its information system, this amounts to a profitable investment. The potential of inter-connectivity, operability, and ultimately the good distribution of network services within the company are thus well exploited.

Finally, in terms of productivity, the company makes a huge gain thanks to the proximity and speed of service. Employees have faster and easier access to IT resources. The workflow is thus improved, and the company becomes more efficient. It is not without mentioning the contribution of the information system to the achievement of the organizational, strategic, and control objectives of the company.

Unfortunately, many companies do not consider the importance of the security system and its impact on the business. Indeed, perceived rather as an almost useless way to “swallow up” costs, a trend towards minimalist use of these systems is spreading at the enterprise level. This results in response to basic needs with an almost zero return on investment. However, the security policy and architecture aligns with technological developments, preserves the information assets of companies, and promotes their development.

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