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Web Design: Eight Main Principles of Website Design

Web Design: Eight Main Principles of Website Design
Web Design: Eight Main Principles of Website Design

Structure of the Content

The pages of a site must be readable for the visitor. You should, therefore, not overload them.

If we had to diagram a web page as simple as possible, we would first have the header, which generally includes the logo, the navigation menu, and a page title. The page body, possibly structured in one, two, or three columns, then finally the footer, including elements of the address, navigation, or identification.

Then comes the definition of your tree structure, then your page templates, and finally, for each type of page, the zoning of the different elements. The rule of three clicks is one of the rules from which we can draw inspiration in terms of fundamental ergonomics in creating a site. As well as basic principles such as readability of text or contrast.
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Prioritize Information

Creating a web is also a chance to share images. However, it would help if you still respected certain pre-established codes, especially in UX design or user experience.

Each element must be prioritized in a logical order; a clickable element must be identified quickly, your forms and other “call to action” must be visible.

It is also important not to neglect white space. They will ventilate the web site and make it more pleasant for visitors to read.

In general, adapt to the current codes of the web, and take an example from the “big” web sites: no need to think about revolutionizing web design, favor functional ergonomics.

Responsive or “Mobile First”?

Today, your website is not just going to be visited on a computer. Mobile traffic is estimated at around 50%, and this figure is increasing year by year and will even explode according to recent analyzes.

You must, therefore, make sure that the design of your site is “responsive”; it must adapt perfectly to smartphones and tablets. You must therefore think of the computer version as well as the mobile version. You will also need to optimize all your content (images, texts, etc.) to be more easily accessible on mobile.

Luckily, most of the CMS (Worpress, Joomla, or Drupal) templates are available in a sensitive edition. If you choose to create your template, you will have to think about it.

It is also possible to design your web design according to the “mobile first” principle, which consists of thinking while thinking about mobile navigation before other types of screens.

Appropriate Color Coding

Colors are very important in all of your designs. They each represent a specific emotion and influence the Internet user’s perception. You must, therefore, choose them carefully and logically.

There is a theory of colors to teach you how to choose them well and put them together to get your message across effectively. Harmony, in contrast, in monochrome. Online tools allow you to avoid visual errors.

Be careful not to multiply the colors that you will use in your site too much: again, you can rely on a maximum of three colors to design a website.

Your sector of activity, your targets, your values ​​are the starting points to fuel your reflection around your universe of color.

Images, But of Quality.

Pay attention to the photos you are going to insert to give your site a more professional look. Your images must be of the correct resolution. Remember to optimize them for the mobile version so that your site does not take too long to load.

Think about the visual universe of reference about your activity, choose original images that you can create if you are equipped, think of a photographer friend, or invest a little. Failing that, choose the sites of image banks’ quality carefully.

The images you will choose must serve your content: in general, beware of images from generic banks, which means nothing!

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