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Six Simple Tips for Dressing Better

How to dress better when you are a man?
Here are simple and effective tips to improve your style

We all wonder how we’re going to dress when we wake up in the morning, and it’s not always so easy as you think to find your happiness, even in the most crowded closet in the universe. You have to find clothes that match the mood of the day and then succeed in matching them with each other. And this is where it gets spoiled! We will help you a little; follow the guide!
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1 – Vary The Colors!

We begin by respecting the most challenging and subjective of the precepts! We all accept that it is not best to dress in black, white, or beige. We are almost all agreed when it comes to finding an equilibrium suit, but working with what you have in your wardrobe is far more difficult. Although it is a matter of taste, there are always some laws that can guide you in the beginning, when you can get rid of them and stand on your own feet. In the preference of colors, the color of his skin and hair must first of all be alluded to. Having fair skin and a fair face will often mean avoiding too dark colors that contrast too much with your face, eclipsing it in the process. Conversely, if you have dark skin and dark hair, colors that are too light would have the same effect.

2 – Choose The Exact Size of Your Clothing!

That appears to be the basis of everything, but it’s far from ever! Many of them can be seen on the roads without intentionally with pants in the center of the back. Certain models of pants may look like this, but it shows when the latter isn’t created! Please make sure you pick your size and slice your morphology accordingly. Too big, too tight, too broad, or the legs too short, your purchase of pants will soon be missed with disregard, and it is not pleasant, especially when you look at the value of some worn pants! This view necessarily extends to all the clothes which can be worn and trousers. Indeed, wearing too-big clothing does not help to wear near the body; instead, it never hides the form, but is typically the opposite way! You have to find the right balance and, above all, be comfortable in your clothes; this is one of the keys to well-being.

3 – Choose The Right Materials!

Favoring natural materials seems obvious to us today, but it is not for everyone. Without saying that it comes before the aesthetic aspect of the garment, I would say that it matters almost as much because it is at the same time our comfort, our well-being, and the durability of the chosen garment. Comfort already because some materials are much more comfortable to wear than others, and there is nothing to do between a 100% cotton T-shirt and a half-polyester T-shirt. Cotton will inevitably be softer and more comfortable to wear. On the well-being side, natural materials are always more breathable than synthetic, which changes a lot, in summer as in winter. Already it keeps much warmer, which is still important depending on the season.

4 – Do Not Try To Be Another!

It is choosing clothes that look like we remain the main thing because, even if you don’t necessarily notice it, your attitude and your gait change when you put on a different outfit. Trying to put on a tuxedo to someone who spends their entire year in a tracksuit, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The way he wears it, walks with it, and sits will tell you if he is used to this kind of outfit or not. Also, by wearing clothes that do not look like us, that do not suit our style or way of being, we give a distorted image of us that comes back to our own eyes. Then difficult to be comfortable in your sneakers. Better to be yourself and find the look that best fits your skin, the type of clothing that makes you feel like you’re not wearing anything, an extension of us that reflects both our personality and our idea of ​​what is aesthetic or not. It is a real therapy for those who want to play well, and it can even help people who would not accept themselves physically, helping them to feel beautiful, to accept themselves, and therefore to please others! Confidence is the sinews of war when it comes to seduction!

5 – Contextualize!

Of course, it is important to take the context into account when choosing your outfit. Depending on whether you are going to a social evening, an aperitif with friends, or a night out in the city in the hope of meeting charming young girls, we will not dress the same. The social evening requires that we get to the level of the dress code of the guests. It’s hard to get an idea before setting foot there, but habit makes it easier to see things. You have to get to the level but not overdo it; showing up in costume at a party where everyone is sporting a casual chic look could show that you have high expectations for this event in terms of meetings. Being too elegant has never been good for business or human contact! On another side, not doing enough would send the image of someone apart.

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